virginia seo company informationThe Small Town Networks is a Northern Periphery Programme Project that aims to encourage the re-generation of towns in the Northern Periphery of Europe.

The project will do this by promoting a ‘bottom up’ approach to community development, with the bulk of the work being undertaken by voluntary groups drawn from local business and community sectors.  One of the ways we successfully have promoted small town business networks is online through search engine optimization.

In the coming months this site will serve as a resource for those groups and sectors. Site users will be able to compare stories, view photo albums and look at case notes from other projects.

Minutes of meetings, details about conferences, press releases and useful links to other complementary sites will also be added.

Please come back regularly to see the site grow quickly. Remember, this resource can only prosper and be successful if you, the users, take advantage of the material and resources on it. Here’s a sneak preview of what we’re speaking of…

You have a business in the state of Virginia and your website is not showing up on the first page of any of the search engines? Don’t have the technical know-how nor the time to improve your SERP position?  As we all know; higher rankings gets you better exposure, visits, brand awareness and more sales.  If you do not have time and you, don’t know how to perform SEO on your site, then you might need to hire a consultant.

Before you do, below are five questions you should be asking your potential Virginia based search engine optimization expert:

1. Do you have a list of clients that you’re currently working with in the state of Virginia?
If you want to know just how successful a online marketing consultant is then, they will have short list customers whom they might and might not allow you to contact.These references will enable you to grade the success of the consultant, what he or she can do and if they are a good fit for what you are doing within your current niche.

2. How are you planning to boost my rankings?
If the SEO consultant is not willing to reveal their techniques, then you should consider avoiding them.  Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint.  It will take six to eight months to see any significant movement.  If they claim that they can rank your website on the first page in two weeks, run for the hills because it is not possible.This is where you get to discover how they are planning to diagnose your website to see exactly problems exist in keeping you from ranking high in the SERPs.

3. Do you stick to the search engines marketing standards?
You want a professional who solely complies with Google’s openly posted best marketing procedures, which explicitly forbid some sneaky SEO tactics, which includes automatically producing spammy content and adding fake unknown text and links. If a prospect does not comply with those standards, your site might be relegated to miserably low results. Alternatively, worse yet, the search engines could banish it from the search results entirely.

4. Can you get me the number 1 rankings for my niche?
If the potential consultant answers yes, then consider working with another consultant.  Some dishonest SEO experts do make such false promises, and this is one of them.  They do not own the search engines so how can you guarantee a number one ranking.

Look at it as a warning if the prospect declares to have an insider connection with search engines that will get you top rankings. Only the search engine companies can regulate the rankings of websites.

5. Can you help me with ranking locally?
Showing up in the local search results is vital for small businesses attempting to entice clients locally, especially within your Small Town Networks or city. You’ll want a marketing consultant who is proficient in these strategies.

If your business website is, “local Search Engine Optimization,” friendly then it should show up when an individual who lives near your business searches for information that pertain to your company. To accomplish that, a marketing consultant must add your company’s city and state to your site’s meta information, and get your website listed on Bing, Google and Yahoo’s local listings.

Also, We can’t choose the SEO firm that you decide to work with but we have given you five questions to ask before you officially hire them to help you market your business successfully.